A Healthy Child is a Happy Child

Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world

Being a parent is a blessing

We guide you and take care of you and your child through this beautiful phase of life.

Beginning of a Happy Family

We provide the basis for your new and happy family with our pre-natal consultation, child rearing practices & parenting consultations.
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  • Sapoorji Clinic, DLF Plaza

Vaccination Timings (by prior appointments only)
Appointments for vaccination only are available in the clinic at an interval of 30 mins.

Shapoorji clinic Mon to Friday 6: 30 pm, Saturday by appointment. Morning by appointment

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Patha Chakraborty

has an enriching 16 years of experience in the cure and care of Neonates and Pediatric patients.


+91 98308 42485

+91 98743 87603

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Dr.Partha Chakraborty


Consultant Pediatrician


Being a pediatrician is a huge responsibility involving not just the child’s but also the parent’s well-being. A child care specialist or a pediatrician ensures that your child is healthy and disease-free. We understand this responsibility as much as you do, and take utmost care of your little one, pre and post birth. Having an exceptional bond with children, our doctor, Dr.Partha Chakrabarty has enriching 16 years of experience in the cure and care of Neonates and Pediatric patients. During this long tenure, Dr. Chakraborty has attended numerous critical C-Sections, reinvigorated many pre-term babies, provided well baby clinical consultations with regular follow up sessions, he is an renowned Child specialist in new town Kolkata, and he has been catering to all medical needs of newborns, infants, children and adolescents. He possesses a great fondness towards children the same is very well reflected in his dedication and concern towards them and his work in field of childcare. He is reliable child specialist in new town area having experience of treating various cases. He also advised on regular vaccinations as per IAP norms and provided timely hospitalization advice whenever required. He believes in constantly keeping abreast of the latest changes in the medical field with journals, medical conferences, certification programs, arranging talk sessions and tutoring the hospital paramedical staff. He continues to maintain the cordial relationship with all his patients and strives to give them the best possible care and support round the clock.


General Pediatrics
Providing skilled and expert care to new-borns with both common and complicated problems…
Immunization/Vaccination Services
Includes preventive immunization of newborns, infants, children,adolescents, adults and elderly…
Community and Social Pediatrics
Includes school health teaching and vaccination programmes conducted on a community level…
New Born Clinic
Providing skilled and compassionate services to new borns, including routine child care and quality…
Counseling of Adolescents
Adolescence is the period when a child hits puberty, and is a time when he/she must be filled…
Breast Feeding Techniques and Promotion
Breast milk is the most important and the only meal that a new born feeds and survives on…
Child Health
Proper nurition, hygiene and health tips…
Counseling of Parents About Children Rearing and Parenting
Childbirth completely changes how a family functions and its not only vital to give the child proper care…

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  • Sapoorji Clinic, DLF Plaza, Shop No. 117 Action Area III, Newtown, Kolkata, 700135
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  • +91 98308 42485

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